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ippResponseTestCase.cpp File Reference

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#define QUOTE(a)   "\""a"\""


void recheck_with_parser (ippResponse &r, bool bParsingShouldFail=false)

Define Documentation

#define QUOTE  )     "\""a"\""

Definition at line 123 of file ippResponseTestCase.cpp.

Function Documentation

void recheck_with_parser ippResponse r,
bool  bParsingShouldFail = false

this method check that the string of a response object can be reparse to an response that produce the the same string

Definition at line 41 of file ippResponseTestCase.cpp.

References ippResponseParser::getErrorMessageString(), IPP_UTEST_ASSERT, IPP_UTEST_ASSERT_EQUALS, IPP_UTEST_ASSERT_M, ippResponseParser::parseResponse(), and ippResponseParser::setInput().

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